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Our Services

Symmetry Solutions provides managed services that combine professional consulting services, process, solutions, management and reporting to provide comprehensive revenue assurance, audit function and compliance support to businesses.  

Symmetry Solutions provide a comprehensive range of managed services and consultancy services to align to the needs of the business as well as demonstrate how reference data management can identify unknown issues that can dramatically improve productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Business Analysis

Provide CFO's and RA Managers visibility and an estimate of the magnitude of losses they are facing.

The purpose of this service is to provide CFOs and RA managers with an estimate of the magnitude of losses they are facing. This is achieved through an independent measurement of performance of one or more end-to-end revenue streams.
It will establish the revenue gradient for the revenue streams selected for this assessment.  To achieve this, samples of data from key control points in one or more revenue streams are analysed independently to determine the integrity of these business processes.
Revenue assurance health-checks will compare billable usage and subscription data with billing systems to ensure all billable data is correctly accounted for.  It is often used as a basis for preparing a business case for the procurement of further services and/or tools to assist the revenue assurance function.

One of the hardest parts of Revenue Assurance projects is to identify the business rules that should be configured within tooling in order to interpret data correctly from a business perspective.
Unfortunately, this information is often not formally documented by an organisation; yet is critical to the correct performance of revenue management activities with that organisation. Instead, this information often resides with individuals.  We will work closely with you to discover, document and verify the business rules that should be employed by the revenue management and revenue assurance platforms.
We have many years of experience working with the wide variety of systems and processes found within the telecommunications industry and can apply our knowledge to help organisations to discover and define the business rules vital to them.

The purpose of the Billing Audit is to ensure that the pricing and charging functions within an organisation are operating correctly.
This service will check the accuracy of pricing and charging and identify unusual or abnormal charging patterns within the billing environments.
This service highlights issues such as:
  • Incorrect tariff implementations
  • Incorrect pricing
  • Incorrect implementation of discounting mechanisms

The purpose of the Data Analysis service is to help operators investigate the root cause of revenue assurance and/or fraudulent activities within their organisation.  It is based on a detailed analysis of the underlying data sources that comprise the end-to-end revenue streams.  This service is provided on an adhoc basis in response to issues arising within the customer’s business.

Where interconnect disputes have arisen between operators and have not been resolved, this service provides a independent analysis of interconnect traffic between the operators concerned to identify the nature of the discrepancy and assist with the resolution of the issues.
This service includes:
  • Review of the nature of the dispute
  • Detailed analysis of interconnect agreements
  • Detailed analysis of interconnect statements
  • Identification of all relevant points of interconnect
  • Independent decoding of relevant raw network usage data
  • Traffic and pricing analysis and comparison of this decoded data
  • Observations and recommendations

Revenue Assurance Assessment Service

Help corporations understand the effectiveness of their revenue assurance operations by comparing it to the industry standards.

The purpose of the maturity assessment service is to help operators understand the effectiveness of their revenue assurance operations by comparing it to the industry standard maturity model developed by the TMForum.
The effectiveness of this key business functions is defined by certain organisational characteristics and behaviours that have been shown to affect them.
By applying this maturity model we are able to assess the current level of maturity within an organization and provide practical advice and guidance on how to improve day-to-day operations and advance to higher levels of maturity.  This is used to prepare a customer specific roadmap for improving the maturity of its revenue assurance operations in a sustainable manner.

The purpose of the Revenue Assurance risk assessment is to provide a detailed analysis of the risks present within the organisation, to identify control gaps and provide advice and guidance on how to close these gaps.
Our domain experts work closely with their customers to understand the effectiveness of current processes, procedures, systems and controls in place to protect an operator from revenue losses and inflated costs.
This service includes:
  • Review of the operational environment
  • Identification of key revenues streams
  • Review of threat list
  • Detailed risk assessment of key risk areas
  • Compilation of a control catalogue
  • Identification of control gaps
  • Observations and recommendations

An end-to-end audit of key business processes in order to identify weaknesses that could give rise o revenue assurance issues.
This service includes:
  • All teams involved in the end-to-end business process
  • The sub-processes involved in the end-to-end business process
  • The owners of each sub-process
  • The inputs to each sub-process
  • The main tasks performed in each sub-process
  • The outputs of each sub-process
  • The checks and controls performed in each sub-process
  • Observations and recommendations for process improvements


Training & Education

Revenue Assurance training programme providing a comprehensive overview of current revenue risks and controls.

The objective of the Vision and Roadmap workshop is help an operator to define achievable revenue assurance goals and provide operational guidance and support to enable the operator to combat revenue and cost risk effectively.
By guiding the operator through the various levels of maturity and through the most efficient returns on investments we help operators to plan activities that will help them attain a higher level of RA maturity with a proactive revenue risk management for all revenue streams.

A Revenue Assurance training programme for managers, supervisors and analysts, providing a comprehensive overview of current revenue risks and controls, emerging issues in mobile services and technologies together with simple but effective techniques for reducing revenue assurance risk for telecom professionals.
This Revenue Assurance training course provides attendees with comprehensive foundation course in revenue assurance operations by providing unique insights into the operational realities of revenue assurance management in Telecoms operations.
It introduces attendees to tools and practical techniques at each stage of the revenue assurance lifecycle that they can apply to address revenue and cost assurance issues within their own organisation.
Attendees will work with a recognised industry leader in this field with many years of revenue assurance experience around the world. They will engage in practical, on-line exercises simulating real world revenue assurance issues, thus having the opportunity to perfect the techniques that are taught during the course enabling them to participate effectively within their teams.
Topics covered include:
  • What causes revenue leakage and how operators should respond
  • The organisational framework for revenue risk management and revenue assurance
  • Practical techniques for reducing revenue leakage
  • What can be done to prevent loss from occuring in the first place
  • The practical techniques available for assessing leakage risks in new products and services

Introductory revenue assurance training modules:
  • An introduction to revenue assurance
  • Common revenue assurance scenarios
  • The revenue assurance life-cycle
  • Usage assurance
  • Usage assurance case study
  • Subscription assurance
  • Cost assurance
  • Correction

The intermediate revenue assurance training modules include:
  • Control point identification
  • Data preparation techniques
  • Business Rule Discovery
  • Usage assurance case study
  • SQL primer
  • Usage assurance exercises
  • Subscription assurance exercises
  • Interconnect assurance
  • Interconnect assurance exercises
  • Roaming assurance
  • Mobile data assurance
  • Rating and pricing assurance
  • Off-line billing assurance
  • On-line charging assurance
  • Tariff assurance
  • Payment assurance
  • Case management and workflow
  • Measurement and reporting

The advanced revenue assurance training modules include:
  • Revenue assurance maturity
  • Revenue assurance maturity workshop
  • A risk based approach to revenue assurance
  • Risk identification and evaluation
  • Revenue assurance control framework
  • Process assurance
  • Procurement guidelines
  • Revenue assurance for billing migration
  • Revenue assurance processes & procedures

Operational Support

Reviewing the operational effectiveness of Revenue Assurance Management tools. and best fit for your business.

This is a consulting engagement for the purpose of reviewing the operational effectiveness of Revenue Assurance Management tools.
It ensures that the tools reflect the current operating environment. Assistance is provided for resolving any identified gaps such as out of date business or detection rules and training of new staff.
The purpose of this service is to ensure that the organisation continues to receive the maximum business benefits from their investment in their Revenue Assurance programmes.
This service is offered on a periodic basis, normally every six to twelve months.

This service provides continuous access to our domain experts to supplement the operator’s personnel in supporting its day-to-day activities in the Revenue Assurance functions.
This could range from ad hoc and periodic remote advice and guidance through to on-site support in operating revenue assurance processes and systems.

The purpose of this service is to provide operators with on-demand access to our experienced revenue assurance domain experts to provide advice and guidance in all aspects of establishing and operating Revenue Assurance capabilities within a communication service provider where not specifically covered in other services described on this website.