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Personalised Recommendation Offers (PRO)

PRO utilises data gathered by a CSP to offer customers personalised service plans that best match the customer’s specific needs, ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction and reduction in churn.

Increase customer loyalty

Personalised service plans that align to the customers specific needs and profile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Reduce Bad Debt

Maximising data to ensure customers are aligned to tariffs that are affordable and meet their specific needs.

Increased Revenues

Opportunity to sell additional services they may not otherwise have been considered by the customer.

PRO Solution Overview

PRO Personalised Recommendation and Offers solution and Managed Service from Symmetry Solutions provides the data decision engine allowing corporations the capability to manage their customers with true insight.

PRO Architecture: 

  Scheduler: manages the digestion of data input and analysis activities into an appropriate sequence. PRO can work alongside TRAP to take device, tariff and services reference data as well product catalogue information, or interface with any third-party reference/master data products.  As well as schedule other sources such as CRM, Consumer Contract Information, etc.
  Data Engine: the core decision and rules engine, defining a detailed understanding of the customer and their behaviour from a customer's historic usage through the digestion from various sources from the business, calculating the cost of multiple alternate deals that offer similar levels of service and improving overall consumer service recommendations to the end customer.


  Integration: with loyalty and marketing functions, including online self-service portal or to customer care systems to provide bespoke offers as well as regulatory requirements for end of contract notifications (ECN)/annual best tariff notification (ABTN) as well as outcome from end customer’s final decision/feedback.

Reporting: providing insights on analytics, decisioning and outcomes of recommendations.

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