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Case Studies

The below case studies range from one-off quick-win projects, multi-week consultancy/audits, product deployments, to managed services. Symmetry Solutions have worked with many telecommunications service providers, vendors and consultancies in providing business assurance product, services and support capability.

1. Telecommunications Review of SMS Services to achieve maximum revenue

Middle East Service Provider wished to get a better understanding of its SMS services to ensure maximum revenues were achieved.

Symmetry Solutions undertook a comprehensive review of the SMS services using a mixture of traditional consultancy techniques combined with Symmetry solutions as well as training on reference data and management.

The activities allowed Symmetry Solutions to get a true understanding of revenues and profitability of the SMS service and identified aspects that required immediate resolutions including:
Bundle arbitrage (SMS and International calling), SMS interworking issues, and SMS interworking with reference data tables

The outcome would project an estimated $6.9M revenue uplift when all issues identified were resolved with increased data redundancy/optimisation of up to 80%.

2. Telecommunications Audit of Revenue Streams and Services

A Middle East Service Provider required a comprehensive audit of its services and product offerings to have a full understanding of revenue streams and profitability.

Symmetry Solutions undertook a 9 week audit of the service providers services and recognised a number of configuration issues that were resulting in substantial revenue losses as well as potential revenue generation opportunities.

Some of the issues identified included minimum call charges either not set or set below level given in the terms and conditions. Off-net voice was charged as on-net voice for certain number ranges, Premium rate voice was being sold below retail cost.

The service provider estimated that an annualised revenue gain opportunity could equate to $6M, with an estimate of $0.5m improvement in revenues in updating minimum call charges, an estimated $2.5m improvement in revenues from off-net voice improvements and an estimated $3m in losses identified on premium rate services.


3. Telecommunications Regulatory & Customer Experience

A UK Mobile service provider wanted to comply to new regulatory requirements - End of Contract Notification (ECN) - Notifying subscribers of pending end of contract and giving details of contract and options available and Annual Best Tariff Notification (ABTN) - Notifying subscribers each year of the current tariff and the best deals available to them. The initiative was driven by the CEO who is shareholder objective was better customer experience.

Symmetry Solutions undertook an ‘ABC’ approach to review the entire product catalogue and tariffs:

A-Assurance. Opportunity to improve assurance, and provide process controls to protect against bad data.

B-Business Insights. Utilise the data to provide the service provider with a detailed understanding of the customer and their behaviour.

C-Customer Experience. Platform designed to generate targeted offers with capabilities to look at and react to many factors

The outcome from the audit was implementing PRO and allowing a mix of targeted offers to ensure customer satisfaction and experience as well as provide optimal revenues.

This included Relevant offers based on usage /value of the customer, offering upgrades based on bespoke tariffs and service offers, and relevant device recommendations

4. Telecommunications International Service Offerings

A UK service provider wished to undertake a full audit of their international service offerings as they we concerned revenues were not fully aligned and were not maximising profitability

Using Symmetry Solutions’ product TRAP along with professional services to undertake an in-depth analysis of the international services, a number of configuration errors were identified that were deemed significant including

Missing Caribbean country codes charged to default USA rate, roaming text for premium text rates incorrectly set, and incorrect roaming mark-up rating.

The projected losses on a number of services reviewed ranged from between 60% to 90%

Identified losses of 60% on services with missing Caribbean country codes, estimate losses of 75% resolved on premium text rates

5. Telecommunications Customer Experience Improvements

UK service provide was suffering severe customer experience issues which was impacting reputation and business operations

Using the TRAP reference data management solution already heavily utilised by product development/ management and technology operational teams

Symmetry Solutions focused on the reference data anomalies identified from customer complaints. 70% of Customer complaints, 50% trouble tickets and 50% of revenue and cost issues were down to legacy reference data issues

After identifying the issues, Symmetry Solutions, implemented a proactive (prevention) and audit (detection) process, improving resource efficiency and business optimisation.

An estimated $6.9M revenue uplift was identified if the issues were resolved. Profitability gains were estimated of $60m per year from pre-launch margin assurance review. Improved customer experience measures included a +12% performance gain, with an 87% reduction in reference data trouble tickets that improved operational efficiency.